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Information Session


209 East 23rd Street, Room: 502

Open to the public

Moderator: Valerie Smaldone

Principal, Valerie Smaldone Media Worldwide; voice-over artist, live announcer: Drama Desk Awards; imaging voice: CHUP-FM Calgary, KVSF-FM Santa Fe; PBS host; podcast host and producer; private talent coach

What are the career opportunities in film, video and animation in New York? What do you need to begin? Spend an evening with some of our continuing education film, video, animation and cinema studies faculty; see their students' work, hear them discuss it and let them answer your questions on how to begin working in these dynamic fields.

Film and Video

NOTE: Students cannot take equipment out of the College or use equipment and facilities outside of class time unless indicated in the course description.

Upcoming Courses

Sat, Sun
Mar 30 - Mar 31
10:00AM - 3:00PM

J.T. Takagi Sound recordist, filmmaker

Four people stand in front of a blue and white building. Three women, one man. The man holds a boom mike. One of the women is filming with a large camera.

In-Progress Courses

For late registration, please contact the registrar at: [email protected] or at 212.592.2200.

Jan 30 - Apr 24
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Frederick Rendina Producer, director

Man holding a picture of a peacock while people are clapping.
Jan 28 - Apr 22
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Brian C. Gonzalez Visual artist, filmmaker, consultant

A in a blue kimono with a Japanese hair bun looks into a mirror.
Jan 31 - Apr 25
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Deniz Demirer Filmmaker, writer, director, cinematographer, actor

peoples arms and hand holding a camera with a blurred car and pink light in the background
Jan 29 - Apr 09
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Igor Sunara Director of photography

This is the interior of a refrigerator.

Waitlisted Courses

For course registration assistance, please contact a CE Course Advisor at: [email protected] or at 877.242.7200.

Jan 28 - Apr 08
7:00PM - 10:00PM

Igor Sunara Director of photography

woman sitting in front of camera with bright colored lighting.
Jan 31 - Apr 11
7:00PM - 10:00PM

Igor Sunara Director of photography

Close hot of young woman staring into a man's eyes.
Jan 30 - Apr 10
7:00PM - 10:00PM

Todd Stephens Producer, writer, director

A person holds a director's slate in front of their cast and camera.

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