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peoples arms and hand holding a camera with a blurred car and pink light in the background

Digital Filmmaking

7:15PM - 10:15PM
Sep 19 - Dec 12
3.50 CEUs,
12 Sessions

Deniz Demirer Filmmaker, writer, director, cinematographer, actor

This course will take students through the production process for digital filmmaking while transforming their short story from the page to the screen. Students will learn technical skills and their application through a hands-on approach to camera, sound recording and lighting, as well as aesthetic choices for creating a scene. Working with actors and collaborating with a production crew will be included. Digital workflow will be discussed and demonstrated. Each student will script, direct and shoot a three-to-five-minute digital project. Please note that editing is not included.
NOTE: Students can reserve digital cameras as specified by the instructor for home assignments.


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