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Principles of Visual Language: Form and Color

Sep 18 - Dec 17
3.50 CEUs

Richard Mehl Designer, photographer, writer

In this course we will explore ways to create engaging and memorable two-dimensional design. Students will be encouraged to adopt a disciplined, yet playful, creative process. Using accessible materials and simple techniques, both handmade and digital, we will experiment with the principles of two-dimensional design and color theory, including figure and ground; unity of form; contrasts (geometric & organic forms, shape, size, direction, texture); unit/super-unit/pattern; visual hierarchy, harmony, rhythm and narrative; the seven color contrasts; color illusion and color expression. The goal of the course is to develop a creative toolkit of ideas and techniques, embrace a unique awareness of form and color, strengthen design skills and encourage a way of learning through experimentation and play. This is a basic-level course and is open to all students.
NOTE: This course is fully online and asynchronous. Without a set meeting time each week, students can learn and participate on their own schedule. However, there are assignments that will be due by specific dates.


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