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Introduction to Rhino 3D Software

Nov 04 - Dec 15
1.50 CEUs

John Thomas Heida Principal, John Heida Studio

Rhino is a cutting-edge software program that is used in architecture and engineering, as well as product and jewelry design industries for 3D modeling objects using NURBS surfaces. Rhino provides all the tools needed to accurately model and document your designs for CAD drawings, renderings, laser cutting, 3D printing,prototyping, CNC milling, and other manufacturing processes. This course will introduce and explore many of the common tools used in Rhino, with an emphasis on best practices. Through a series of lectures and tutorials, students will gain a firm command of these fundamental tools and be able to translate their ideas into computer models, physical prototypes and products. NOTE: Students are required to have access to a computer with McNeel's Rhino software installed. Free demo versions for the duration of the course are available for both Mac and PC platforms. This course is fully online. Students will enjoy learning with a combination of media-based demonstrations and live video conferences with the instructor and classmates. The online synchronous meetings are scheduled to occur on Thursday evenings and are recorded for students to review at their convenience. Additionally, there are opportunities for asynchronous discussion with the instructor throughout the course.


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