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Binary is all over the place.

Coding: Sass and Compass Workshop

Sat, Sun
10:00AM - 5:00PM
Nov 09 - Nov 10
Location To Be Announced
1.00 CEUs,
2 Sessions

Eric Haseltine Program manager, experience design, Adobe

Are you interested in writing CSS faster and more efficiently? You can with Sass, a CSS processor, which promises to "make CSS fun again." This workshop will explore the properties of Sass, how to utilize the power of variables, mixins and functions in your CSS, and still have it work in all web browsers. Topics will include nesting, extends, color functions, media queries and import and output formats. Additionally, the course will cover the most common framework for Sass called Compass, which will allow you to be even more productive with its CSS3 support and advanced image spriting capabilities.
PREREQUISITE: SMC-2429, Coding: HTML and CSS-Continued Techniques, or equivalent.


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