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Coding: CSS with Dreamweaver Workshop

Sat, Sun
10:00AM - 5:00PM
Jul 29 - Jul 30
1.00 CEUs

Sharon Fleischmann Aquavita Fine artist, web/print designer, corporate trainer

Cascading style sheets (CSS) can advance the look, ease of use and updating of HTML documents in Adobe Dreamweaver. In this course, students will learn how to style everything from text to tables and images. Entire pages will be created relying mainly on CSS. We will begin with basic properties, such as understanding the difference between class, tag and ID styles, and how to apply them. Use of positioned div elements will be shown to move and change the look of "container" objects on multiple HTML pages. Internally and externally saved style sheets will be examined, and advanced options that include using descendent selectors, pseudo classes and styling groups will be explored. The Dreamweaver Spry menu option will also be shown.
PREREQUISITE: SMC-2428, Dreamweaver: Intensive, or equivalent.
NOTE: Students have exclusive use of a computer during class hours. Lab time is included in the instructional hours; additional lab time is not available. The Macintosh operating system will be used.


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