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animated image of girl waiting for train as it pulls into the station. Photoshop and After Effects overlay

Putting It All Together: Digital Animation for Drawing Traditional Animation and Motion Graphics

10:00AM - 3:00PM
Sep 21 - Nov 23
5.00 CEUs,
10 Sessions

Martin Abrahams Producer, director, designer, animator, video editor

Kat Llewellyn Owner, creative director, Dumfun Productions, LLC

This course will take students through all the stages of the animation process to create personal animated projects. Using Wacom tablets and scanned drawings, we will begin with traditional drawing basics for animation, such as character development, squash-and-stretch and follow-through. Working with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, students will complete exercises in panning a background with a walk cycle, as well as creating abstract shapes, motion graphics rotoscope and animated GIFs. The remainder of the course will be spent on layout design, animation movement, color styling, audio tracks and digital composition for postproduction. Designed for illustrators, 2D designers, comics' artists, fine artists and animators, this course will help students to create a digital animation reel from the assigned exercises.
PREREQUISITE: A basic drawing course and familiarity with the Macintosh computer.
NOTE: Please bring a USB drive to the first session. This course is open to students who have experience working in a digital environment. Lab time is included in the instructional hours; additional lab time is not available.


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