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Naked humans in various action poses.

Gesture Drawing

12:00PM - 3:00PM
Sep 22 - Nov 24
3.00 CEUs

Ray Alma Cartoonist, animator, illustrator

This course is for strengthening students' skills in combining sharp observation with action sketches of people and ani- mals in motion. Master animators have studied and employed this practice imbuing characters with expressive actions and robust performances. Students will make drawings of models in motion and repose. Such quick, meaningful sketching of figure action aids, both eye and hand, in grasping aspects of flexibility, anatomy, silhouetting, and foreshortening. The goal of gesture drawing is not pretty pictures, but active poses that emphasize variety and personality. It overcomes stiff, rigid drawing, and paves the way to freer and more lively representations. Students are required to carry a small sketchbook for a daily study of people and pets in everyday situations.


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