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Writing is an art; writing for communication media is a craft. With some talent and a lot of drive, you can learn the techniques that will make you a great copywriter. Given the number of Hispanic TV channels, radio stations and publications in the national market, the demand for copywriting in Spanish is rapidly growing. This course will address the processes and techniques for creating clear and succinct copy that will entice the target audience and sell the product-whether for editorials, television or print advertising. The creative process will be demystified and students will refine their skills through mastering the three keys to writing excellent copy: strategy, structure and style. Learn how to economize words and collaborate with partners. The goal is successful presentation of ideas-above all, a great copywriter is a great salesperson.
NOTE: This is a bilingual course and requires fluency in the Spanish language. Please refer to the ¿Hablas Diseño? courses that begin on page 12 of this bulletin for a complete listing of course offerings conducted in Spanish.

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