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International Outreach:

New York City’s population is truly a microcosm of the globe. International students, no matter where they come from, can find a slice of their home culture somewhere in the streets and neighborhoods of NYC’s five boroughs. In this way, New York is unlike any other city in the world. 

SVA is committed to maintaining a global perspective and community. In the 2018 -2019 academic year, more than 1,900 students from over 65 countries studied at the College. To accommodate and serve SVA’s growing and diverse international population, the International Outreach Office, a subset of SVA Admissions, was created in 2013. 

The International Outreach Office consists of artists and administrators who travel the world to build relationships with students, teachers, parents and professionals, visiting high schools, colleges, partner schools, art and design fairs, exhibitions and industry events. Team members discuss SVA’s offerings and new trends in art and design, and often conduct portfolio reviews with prospective undergraduate applicants.  

International applicants have the opportunity to meet an SVA representative in person in their home country.   Applicants receive one-on-one attention throughout the application process. 

Please see our accordion menus below for a list of our future destinations.

International Outreach Staff


Adam Rogers, Director of International Outreach

[email protected]


Daniela Novaes, International Regional Coordinator - Latin America

[email protected]


Renyi Hu, Faculty & International Regional Coordinator - China

[email protected]


Aditi Khurana, International Regional Coordinator - India

[email protected]


SVA will be visiting Buenos Aires from October 23rd to the 27th.

Please email Daniela Novaes for info: [email protected]


SVA has a year-round presence in Brazil. 

Adam Rogers, Director of International Outreach, will also visit Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador in Sept. 2017.  We are hosting events in the following places.  Everyone is welcome.  Please come and learn about SVA's degree programs and bring your portfolio!

São Paulo:
Hotel: Renaissance São Paulo Hotel
Address: Alameda Santos, 2233
Date: 16​ Sept ​2017
Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Rio de Janeiro:
Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel
Address: Av. Atlântica, 2600 - Copacabana
Date: 20​ Sept ​2017
Time: 19hr - 21hr

Please email Daniela Novaes for more info: [email protected]


SVA has a year-round presence in China. 

Adam Rogers, Director of International Outreach, will be visiting in Nov. 2017.

1,SVA讲座 (深圳,北京,上海)
2,提问与回答 (深圳,北京,上海)

3,设计与广告系主任Richard Wilde 讲座 (仅北京,上海)
4,设计与广告系作品展开幕式 (仅上海)

The School of Visual Arts is proud to announce that it will host Events in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai.

Unfortunately, we will not have portfolio review sessions, so please do not bring your portfolio to this event.
SVA China Event:
1, SVA Presentation (Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai)
2, Q & A (Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai)
3, Graphic Design & Advertising Department Chairman Richard Wilde Lecture (only Beijing, Shanghai)
4, Graphic Design & Advertising Department exhibition reception (only Shanghai) 

以下是具体信息 / Here are the following day and location details: 

深圳 / Shenzhen
2017年11月16日,周四,18:30 - 20:30 /  Nov. 16. 2017, Thursday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm 
深圳君悦酒店 -- 2楼君府八厅 / Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 2F Mansion 8
地址: 深圳市罗湖区宝安南路1881号 / Address: 1881 Baoan Nan Road, Luohu, Shenzhen

北京 / Beijing
2017年11月18日,周六,13:00 - 16:00 /  Nov. 18. 2017, Saturday, 1:00pm - 4pm 
北京瑞吉酒店 --2楼至尊厅 / THE ST. REGIS BEIJING
地址:北京市朝阳区建国门外大街21号 /Address:  21 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang, Beijing

上海 / Shanghai
2017年11月19日,周日,13:30 - 18:00 /  Nov. 19. 2017, Sunday, 1:30pm - 6pm
地址:上海市黄浦区四川中路33号901室 / Address: Rm 901, 33 Middle Sichuan Road, Huangpu, Shanghai
与世界设计大师面对面的最好机会!Richard Wilde 来啦!
Face to face with Design Master - - Richard Wilde! 

关于SVA讲座,设计与广告系主任Richard Wilde 讲座与展览的信息:
Schedule about SVA Session, Richard Wilde's lecture and exhibition: 

深圳 / Shenzhen
SVA Session: 18:30-20:30

北京 / Beijing
SVA Session: 13:00-14:00
Richard Wilde lecture: 14:00-16:00


上海 / Shanghai
SVA Session: 13:30-15:00
Richard Wilde lecture: 15:00-17:00
Graphic Design & Advertising exhibition reception: 17:30-18:00

Please contact Renyi Hu at [email protected] for further details. 


SVA will be visiting Bogota from October 2nd to the 6th, 2017.

Please email Daniela Novaes for info: [email protected]


SVA will be visiting Quito in March 2018.

Please check back for future details.

Please email Daniela Novaes for more info: [email protected]


SVA has a year-round presence in India. 

Adam Rogers, Director of International Outreach, will be visiting in Dec. 2017.

We will host the following SVA events:

December 2, 2017

11:00 – 14:00 (Studio 1)

JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity

Asset Area 4 - Hospitality District,

Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi  110037  India 

+91-11-4521 2121


December 3, 2017

11:00 – 14:00 (Kaveri Room)

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu

Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai 400049 India

+91 22 6693 3000

Please email Aditi Khurana at [email protected] for details.


SVA will be visiting Japan in September 2017.

Please contact Renyi Hu at [email protected] for further details.

We will be participating in the following fair on September 15th:

2017 Kanto Plain College Fair

St. Mary's International School

1-6-19 Seta

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

SVA will be visiting Mexico City from October 13th to the 20th.

We will be participating in the Education USA Fair on October 14th in Mexico City.

Please contact Daniela Novaes for more info: [email protected]


SVA will be visiting Lima in September 25th to the 29th.

Please email Daniela Novaes for info: [email protected]

S. Korea
SVA has a year-round presence in Seoul.

For more information about SVA in S. Korea, please contact the SVA Seoul Office:

Heewon Seo
Regional Coordinator / Counselor
SVA Seoul Office
Dong Soong Gil 122, Suite # 303 (Dong Soong Art Center)
Jongro-gu, Seoul, 110-766 Korea
Tel: 02.742.9454 / Fax: 02.742.9455

[email protected]


SVA will be visiting Montevideo from October 30th to 31st.

Please email Daniela Novaes for info: [email protected]

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