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We strongly encourage applicants to visit the departments they are interested in applying to prior to submitting their application materials. In addition to Information Sessions held in the fall, it is also possible to to arrange a visit with the department directly. Please use the phone numbers and email addresses located below to contact the department(s) and find out about opportunities to visit throughout the year.

Graduate Department Contact Information

MFA Art Writing
Tel: 212.592.2408 / Fax: 212.989.3516 
Email: artwriting@sva.edu
Web: artwriting.sva.edu

MAT Art Education
Tel: 212.592.2445 / Fax: 646.336.7702
Email: matarted@sva.edu
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MFA Art Practice
Tel: 212.592.2781 / Fax: 212.592.2116
Email: artpractice@sva.edu
Web: artpractice.sva.edu

MPS Art Therapy
Tel: 212.592.2610 / Fax: 917.606.0461
Email: arttherapy@sva.edu
Web: arttherapyblog.sva.edu

MPS Branding
Tel: 212.592.2744 / Fax: 212.592.2116
Email: branding@sva.edu
Web: branding.sva.edu

MFA Computer Art
Tel: 212.592.2778 / Fax: 212.592.2509
Email: mfaca@sva.edu
Web: mfaca.sva.edu

MA Critical Theory and the Arts
Tel: 212.592.2172 / Fax: 212.592.2168
Email: theoryart@sva.edu
Web: cta.sva.edu

MA Curatorial Practice
Tel: 212.592.2274 / Fax: 212.592.2555
Email: macp@sva.edu

MFA Design
Tel: 212.592.2600 / Fax: 212.592.2627
Email: mfadesign@sva.edu
Web: design.sva.edu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SVAMFADesign
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MA Design Research, Writing and Criticism
Tel: 212.592.2228 / Fax: 212.243.1019
Email: designresearch@sva.edu
Web: designresearch.sva.edu

MFA Design for Social Innovation
Tel: 212.592.2205 / Fax: 212.592.2308 
Web: dsi.sva.edu

MPS Digital Photography
MPS Digital Photography Online/Summer Residency
Tel: 212.592.2170 / Fax: 212.691.2687
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SVADigitalPhoto

MPS Directing
Tel: 212.592.2705 / Fax: 212.627.2195
Email: directing@sva.edu
Web: directing.sva.edu
Follow us on tumblr: http://svashortfilm.tumblr.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BobGiraldi

MPS Fashion Photography
Tel: 212.592.2096 / Fax: 212.592.2336
Email: mpsfashionphotography@sva.edu

MFA Fine Arts
Tel: 212.592.2500 / Fax: 212.592.2503
Email: mfafinearts@sva.edu
Web: mfafineart.sva.edu

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay
Tel: 212.592.2210 / Fax: 212.366.1675
Email: mfaillustration@sva.edu
Web: mfaillustration.sva.edu
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MFA Interaction Design
Tel: 212.592.2703 / Fax: 212.627.2159
Email: interactiondesign@sva.edu
Twitter: http://twitter.com/svaixd

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media
Tel: 212.592.2360 / Fax: 212.592.2366 
Email: mfaphoto@sva.edu
Web: mfaphoto.sva.edu
Twitter: @mfaphotovideo
Facebook: /mfaphotovideo
Instagram: @mfaphotovideo
Tumblr: mfaphotovideo.tumblr.com

MFA Products of Design
Tel: 212.592.2118 / Fax: 212.592.2116
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MFA Social Documentary Film
Tel: 212.592.2919 / Fax: 212.627.2528
Web: mfasocdoc.sva.edu
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/socdoc

MFA Visual Narrative
Tel: 212.592.2340 / Fax: 212.627.2391
Email: mfavisualnarrative@sva.edu
Web: mfavisualnarrative.sva.edu

Graduate Portfolio Days

Graduate Portfolio Days are hosted annually by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA) and are geared towards individuals that have already completed a Bachelor’s degree program and are looking to further their education at the graduate level. These events give students the opportunity to meet with representatives from colleges accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) to learn more about the curricula, faculty, application procedures and other graduate program information. For more information about these events, please click here.

  • Please note that all events take place in the fall and all 2015 events have been held. We appreciate all of the prospective students that came out to meet our staff. The 2016 schedule of events will be announced next summer.
  • We encourage prospective students to attend a graduate information session or contact the department directly for more information about opportunities to visit our campus throughout the year.
Graduate Information Sessions

In the fall, each Graduate department hosts their own Information Session. These events provide prospective students with a unique opportunity to tour the facility and meet with the Chair, faculty, department staff, current students and alumni. To view the full schedule of upcoming events, click here.

To access each registration form, please click the link in the date beside each department listed below:

Note: If you do not see your program of interest listed above, please use the contact information on this page to inquire about more opportunities to visit throughout the year.



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