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Working at SVA, one finds inspiration in the creative energy that exists at this innovative art college in New York City. Among our administrative staff, artists and non-artists alike, this inspiration gives way to new ideas, collaborative influence and better solutions. 

Current Openings

Openings for administrative staff positions can be found here.


Teaching at SVA is a rewarding experience. It is a chance to contribute to the future of your profession and to make a positive mark on someone's life. SVA has some of the best art students from around the world. It will be your job to inspire them and to help them chase their dreams and ambitions.

SVA's philosophy is that students gain a creative and competitive edge when they are taught by successful working professionals. Teaching at the College not only allows you to nurture the next generation of artists, but your experience in the classroom will keep you fresh, as you critique and help develop your students' talent.

If you are interested in applying for a Faculty position at SVA, you may direct your inquiries to the respective Department Chair. Contact information can be found on each department's landing page.
We are proud to offer our faculty the opportunity to participate in an array of benefits, including medical insurance, 401(k) and TransitChek, just to name a few.
Model Registry

Working from live models is an integral part of the SVA student learning experience. To facilitate this, the School of Visual Arts maintains a registry of models available for assignment to a wide range of classes. Models are selected through an audition process. 

If you are interested in attending the next audition, please click here. If you have any problems filling out this form, email us at modelregistry@sva.edu

All models are considered independent contractors and must provide the Model Registrar with the following information: name, verifiable mailing address and tax identification number. A copy of the model's Social Security card and a picture ID must be on file with the Model Registrar before a model can work in any class.

Student Employment

Many students broaden their educational experience by working on campus. These paid positions offer work experience and often allow students to network with other artists and working professionals.

If you are currently a full-time matriculated student at SVA interested in a part-time position feel free to inquire directly with the department in which you would like to work.

For more information on job and internship search strategies, workshops and career events visit the Office of Career Development. You can also visit SVA's online job board for both on- and off- campus employment opportunities.

In addition, for those who qualify through financial aid, we offer a work-study program with on- and off-campus employment opportunities, most of which are in the field of the student's choice. For further questions about workstudy please contact Financial Aid.


Let's face it: all students could use some extra cash. Plus, student employment offers accommodating schedules, direct deposit and a convenient workplace. 

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