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SVA will participate in the Virtual National Portfolio Day event on Friday, December 13, 2019. Click below to learn more and RSVP for this online portfolio review opportunity. 

SVA travels across the country every fall to select National Portfolio Day Events. Meeting with an SVA representative is a great way to get feedback on your portfolio and find out more information about our programs.

Cities and dates for 2019-20 are listed below. Come meet with a member of Admissions in a city near you! 

Date City, State Event
09/14/19 Nashville, TN
Nashville National Portfolio Day
09/14/19 Atlanta, GA
Atlanta National Portfolio Day
09/15/19 New Orleans, LA
New Orleans National Portfolio Day
09/21/19 Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee National Portfolio Day
09/21/19 Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix National Portfolio Day
09/22/19 Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque Nat'l Portfolio Day
09/28/19 Austin, TX
Austin National Portfolio Day
09/28/19 Kansas City, MO
Kansas City National Portfolio Day
09/29/19 Dallas, TX
Dallas National Portfolio Day
09/29/19 St. Louis, MO
St. Louis National Portfolio Day
10/05/19 Richmond, VA
10/05/19 Denver, CO
10/06/19 Minneapolis, MN
10/06/19 Charlotte, NC
10/12/19 Hartford, CT
10/13/19 Boston, MA
10/20/19 Chicago, IL
10/26/19 New York, NY
10/27/19 Philadelphia, PA
11/02/19 Toronto, ON
11/02/19 Washington, DC
11/03/19 Detroit, MI
11/03/19 Baltimore, MD
11/09/19 San Diego, CA
11/09/19 Seattle, WA
11/10/19 Portland, OR
11/10/19 Los Angeles, CA
11/16/19 Vancouver, BC
11/17/19 San Francisco, CA
01/25/20 Miami, FL
01/26/20 Sarasota, FL

Visit the
National Portfolio Day Association website for more information about Portfolio Day.
If you will be in the NYC area, you can always schedule a portfolio review in our office. Go to 
sva.edu/visit to schedule an appointment or campus tour. 

What to Bring

The SVA portfolio review is a great opportunity to receive helpful feedback on your work before you submit your official portfolio submission with your application. We will review finished work as well as works in progress or your sketchbook. We will give you an informative critique of your work, as well as discuss with you how your work aligns with various majors at SVA to help you edit and curate your portfolio for admission and scholarship consideration. 

SVA will review your work in any format:

  • Prints
  • Original drawings/paintings
  • Sketchbooks
  • Digital images/video on a tablet or laptop

Work that is large in scale or fragile is best shown through photographic documentation. Don’t risk damaging your work by bringing it to the event.

We will try and look at as much of your work as possible in the amount of time we have, however we recommend that you have your top 15-20 pieces tagged for easy access. We recommend showing us recent work or pieces that you feel best represent your technical and creative ability.

Make sure your devices are fully charged before the event. Do not rely on an internet connection to access your work.

Even if you don’t feel like you have a full portfolio of work to show, you can still meet with an Admissions representative to ask questions and get info on our undergraduate programs.

School of Visual Arts | 209 East 23 Street, NY, NY 10010-3994 | Tel: 212.592.2000 | Fax: 212.725.3587