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When writing dates, avoid suffixes on numbers. For example, Monday, June 8, instead of Monday, June 8; May 1 – June 3, instead of May 1st – June 3rd.

Use “1990s” or “’90s,” with no apostrophe between the “0” and the “s.”

Use numerals and currency symbols when referring to sums of money (e.g., “$8,” not “eight dollars”).

Do not use “.00” for even-dollar amounts (e.g., “$1,” not “$1.00”).

Generally, spell out all numbers between one and nine and use numerals for 10 and higher (and non-whole numbers, such as “3.14”), except when a number begins a sentence, in which case it should be spelled out.

Always use numerals for percentages, scores, page numbers, when referring to course credits and when the thing being referred to is designated by a number (e.g., “chapter 6,” “size 8,” “3rd floor”).

Spell out indefinite amounts (e.g., “in the thousands”).

When using figures in the millions or higher, use numerals (e.g., “2 million,” “$7 billion”).

If a text contains many references to percentages or gives percentages in tables, use the “%” symbol. Otherwise, write out “percent.”

telephone numbers
Separate a telephone number’s digits with periods, rather than hyphens, unless design considerations dictate otherwise (e.g., “212.592.2010”).

Avoid writing “1” before area codes or “800” numbers.

“Extension” should not be spelled out, but abbreviated as “ext.”

time of day
In running text, use “:00” when giving a time (e.g., “2:00pm,” not “2pm”), and lowercase letters for “am” and “pm,” with no space between the hour and the “am” or “pm” (e.g., “2:00pm,” not “2:00 pm”).

When a time range takes place entirely within the morning or the afternoon/evening, add the “am” or “pm” to the concluding time only (e.g., “2:00 – 5:00pm,” not “2:00pm – 5:00pm”).

When space allows, use “noon” and “midnight,” or “12:00 noon” and “12:00 midnight,” instead of “12:00pm” or “12:00am.”

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