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The goal of this guide is to serve as a useful reference for employees who are preparing College-published materials. It is not intended for student use. All students should consult with their instructors regarding the formatting and style of their writing assignments.

There are instances when certain recommendations in this guide cannot or should not be followed. For example, design considerations may dictate that a time be represented as “2PM,” rather than the recommended “2:00pm.” The most important consideration should be for consistency within a document.

For style questions not addressed in this guide, consult the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style or its online version, which is available to staff who are using the on-campus computer network.

For spelling, capitalization or hyphenation questions not addressed in this guide, consult the latest edition of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

This guide was prepared by SVA Communication, in collaboration with SVA Academic Affairs and the Visual Arts Press. It will be revised and updated as needed; feedback is encouraged. Questions and comments may be directed to SVA Communication, 212.592.2010, proffice@sva.edu.

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