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The Facilities and Physical Plant Departments
The Facilities and Physical Plant Departments oversee the operation, maintenance and capital construction of all campus facilities which includes academic, administrative and residential. These departments are also linked to the Security and Environmental Health and Safety Departments. We work closely with each as well as meet regularly with our Residence Life staff to maintain communication on a daily basis and to review upcoming activities and events throughout each semester. The Physical Plant Department implements scheduled preventative maintenance programs at each location to ensure that students, faculty and staff can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment.

Environmental Health and Safety
SVA's EH&S Department functions as a part of the Facilities team and works with the Physical Plant staff as well as Student Affairs and the Educational Departments. EH&S provides environmental monitoring and testing services as well as providing safety information and training to the staff, students and faculty. EH&S also heads SVA's recycling and waste management programs. In conjunction with the Facilities Team, the EH&S Department is working with the NYC Mayor's Office as a participant of the "Mayor's Challenge," a program to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% in ten years.

Security Department
The SVA Security Department has a state-of-the art command center. It operates as both the offices for our security team and our surveillances center, covering the entire SVA college campus. The command center's systems are state-of-the art with digital recording equipment, interface with card access systems and direct access to any cameras. It has several large flat-screen televisions to allow for constant monitoring. In addition it has a sophisticated communications system, which enables any emergency to be handled from the command center. The digital cameras and recording systems cover the interior and exterior of all our buildings, including classrooms, dormitories, lounges and theaters. Hundreds of digital cameras are monitored from this one location. The command center is manned 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with a security management team member. This allows for a quick response to emergency situations, and a focal point for all security-related matters.

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