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BFA Photography and Video students at SVA immerse themselves in all aspects of commercial and fine art photography and video, gaining a better understanding of various genres, ideas and vocabularies. With access to cutting-edge facilities—as well as a 100-plus faculty of photographers, museum directors, critics, art directors, editors and collectors—they are able to hone their craft and cultivate their own sensibility and visual style.

Looking at photography and video as conceptual as well as contextual mediums, students explore the relationship between photographic media and commerce, photographic media as a language, business fundamentals for photographers and videographers, photographic media as social conscience and photographic media as objects. Students are encouraged to challenge the mediums' conventions, creating thought-provoking and persuasive works that lead to a cohesive thesis project in the senior year.

2016 – 2017 student population

403 matriculated students

Department chair

Stephen Frailey (photographer)

Some notable faculty members

Guy Aroch, Josef Astor, Tanyth Berkeley, Jessica Craig-Martin, Lisa Elmaleh, Allen Frame, Joseph Maida, Matthew Rader, Pamela Reed, Lyle Rexer, Gerald Slota, Amber Terranova, Penelope Umbrico

Some notable alumni

Kevin Amato, Guy Aroch, Joshua Citarella, Bobby Doherty,  Zackary Drucker, John Dugdale, Brian Finke, David Brandon Geeting, Ina Jang, Simen Johan, Justine Kurland, Carrie Levy, Olivia Locher, Frank W. Ockenfels 3, Thomas Prior, Orit Raff, Lorna Simpson, Rachel Sussman, Jonathan Torgovnik, Andrew Zuckerman

Student exhibitions

Each year, selected seniors participate in the Mentors program and exhibition. Each student is paired with one of the city’s leading photographers, photo editors or creative professionals, based upon the mentor’s area of expertise and the student’s concentration. Students are able to organize their own exhibitions in one of the seven gallery spaces located in our building. Students are offered additional opportunities to exhibit work at one of the three SVA galleries. Departmental and juried shows are held throughout the year.

More information

SVA Admissions: 212.592.2100 | [email protected]

Media requests

SVA Communication: 212.592.2010 | [email protected] 


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