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MPS Branding at SVA focuses on the intellectual link between design and business. Students examine the power of design thinking and learn how to combine creative skills with problem-solving and decision-making processes in order to take advantage of new market opportunities and deliver innovative, successful and sustainable project outcomes in the worlds of design, advertising, marketing and business.

The one-year, 36-credit curriculum addresses four distinct but related disciplines: cultural anthropology, behavioral psychology, business strategy and design. Students gain a broad understanding of diverse branding strategies, brand valuation, brand development life cycle and corporate-level discourse. Additional areas of study include brand theory, cultural and behavioral science, and market research methodologies. Through a summer thesis project, students develop and launch a real-world brand, either with an existing organization or as a sole proprietor.

2016 – 2017 student population

30 matriculated students

Department chair

Debbie Millman (host, Design Matters)

Faculty members

Ken Carbone (co-founder and chief creative director, Carbone Smolan Agency); Sem Devillart (founding partner, Popular Operations); Dan Formosa (PhD, design research consultant, and co-founder, Smart Design); Tom Guarriello (PhD, chief idea officer and principal, TrueTalk, Inc.); Tosh Hall (executive creative director, Jones Knowles Ritchie); Kenna Kay (creative director & communications strategist, The Kay Project); Mark Kingsley (creative lead, Malcontent); Scott Lerman (CEO, Lucid Brands); Andrew Miller (strategy director, Interbrand); Carolina Rogoll (Fabric Care Canada commercial leader at Procter & Gamble); Bret Sandford-Chung (partner, CreativePutty, Inc.); Richard Shear (partner/chief creative officer, InvokBrands); Andrea Sullivan (chief marketing officer, Interbrand); Elizabeth Talerman (CEO, Nucleus); Melanie Wiesenthal (partner, Deerfield)

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