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SVA derives the majority of its revenue from tuition and departmental fees. Tuition dollars are spent on running the institution as a whole and on these operating expenses that pertain to all students. Each fee dollar generated by an academic/studio department is earmarked and spent by that same department for its own specific program needs. In FYE 2012, just over half of each fee dollar was spent on program-specific technology, and the remainder was spent on program-related instructional expenses.

Instruction salaries and benefits: $0.33
Real estate, buildings and grounds: $0.17
Institutional aid: $0.12
Administrative support services: $0.11
Instructional expenses (not covered by departmental fees): $0.08
Student support services: $0.06
Technology support services: $0.04
Printing, catalogs, community service and advertising: $0.02
Galleries, exhibitions and shows (institutional): $0.01
Legal, audit and other professional expenses: $0.01
Property and liability insurance: $0.01
Surplus*: $0.04

*At least $0.03 of every tuition dollar goes to surplus annually, as required by the U.S. Department of Education to satisfy certain financial responsibilities and conditions, in order to continue participation in Title IV funding.

Source: SVA Finance 

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